Voice Logging

MIA offer high quality voice recording at a fraction of the traditional costs. 

VTrack Voice Logger was designed to enhance your business by enabling you to deliver the best possible service to your customers. Vtrack works along side your staff to help them develop their customer service skills through better telesales techniques. By recording all telephone conversations, you can quickly and easily refer to a specific call recording and resolve and dispute or query quickly. 

Vtrack works for business and call centres of any size and records every word and call...every time.

Vtrack meets the regulatory requirements with advanced watermark and call encryption technology.



  • Easily resolve billing disputes
  • monitor staff interactions with your customers
  • improve staff performance
  • live call monitoring
  • as call conversations begin, the live call monitor screen updates to display activity
  • Vtrack captures critical information such as date, time, dialed numbers and call duration.


  • Public safety and EMS
  • banks and insurance companies
  • Hotlines and tach support
  • call centres and customer contact centres.
  • Order processing, reservation centres and logistic companies
  • law firms
  • sales departments


  • recordings are securely watermarked and encrypted
  • stored in a compliant SQL database
  • Secure access via controlled login levels

Quick search:

  • Recorded conversations are easy to locate using the search functionality.
  • All matches are displayed and ready for playback
  • Familiar playback control: play, pause, stop, export, email.

Alarm Mode:

  • The alarm module informs the system administrator via email {SMPT} of real time events and generates a screen pop up event
    • Inactivity alert (minutes during working hours without recording)
    • hard disk alert - incase of saturation
    • database alert incase of service down
    • Number dialed alert.


  • Vtrack will easily record your analogue or SIP traffic, encrypts calls with 3DES technology.
  • Vtrack watermarks every call via MD5 calls
  • Analogue
    • 4 or 8 port configuration
    • storage option (onboard, SD card, External hard drive disk)
  • SIP
    • Supports G711 & G729 codecs
    • requires port mirror network switch

Requirements: Dual core or equivalent with 8MB RAM, 500GB Hard disk drive, 1 LAN port, Windows 7 or later