Samsung Communication Manager





What is the SCM?

The Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) is a pure-IP based all-in-one communications solution that provides an Enterprise-grade call control and other built-in applications such as unifi ed communications, voice conferencing and mobility. The SCM offers all of this Enterprise functionality from a single, virtualized server.

The SCM is the platform that helps enterprises build smart business communications – from powerful and reliable IP PBX, gateways and switches to enterprise-ready mobile devices. The solution creates the perfect ecosystem for seamless, secure, and optimized communications among devices with an easy-to-manage interface.

Who can benefit from the SCM?

The SCM is perfect for companies that require an IP PBX solution in the 500 ~ 3,000 user range.

It is ideally suited for:

a) Companies looking to get the benefits of Unified Communications (UC) and other productivity tools.

b) Multisite branches with Centralized Call processing, such as financial services or retail chains.

c) Multisite Branches with Mission-Critical Telephony Environment.

d) Companies with a strong need for mobility.

e) The SCM can be tailored to a variety of industries such as Education, Health Care, Manufacturing, Energy, Retail, etc.


The SCM helps organizations address business challenges in a number of ways:


 a) Cost Savings Opportunities
SCM’ single, intuitive interface can significantly reduce overhead cost due to its ease of use and centralized management structure.
VoIP provides toll bypass functionality for branch offices.
SCM supports rich built-in applications including conference, ACD Lite and unified messaging
SCM provides excellent integration of mobile phones into your voice network.
The SCM’ straightforward architecture allows you to grow seamlessly and cost-effectively accommodating thousands of users on a single server.
Efficient hardware design that saves on energy cost, wiring and space.
Samsung UC client provides mobile and flexible workforce to collaborate and communicate easily, through one single application.

b) Improved Efficiency and Business Performance 

Simplified Move/Add/Change (MAC) process allows the IT team to rapidly respond to sudden changes.  

The SCM embedded applications allow employees to be available on any device (desk phone, mobile phone, etc.) from one number.  
Real-time administration and remote support improve support for remote offices and mobile employees. 
A redundant server and gateways are offered to secure business continuity at all times.  
• The embedded Unified Messaging System (UMS) truly integrates voice mail, auto attendant, e-mail messages, e-mail gateway, and access manager, making employees responsive, flexible and efficient.
c) Enhanced Employee Productivity  

The SCM’ robust Unified Messaging allows employees to access their messages coming from email, call or fax on their device of choice.  

Samsung UC client provides mobile and flexible workforce to collaborate and communicate easily through one single application.

One point of contact, regardless of their location, improves productivity and customer experience 



Is SCM a new product?

Yes. The SCM made its successful introduction at Samsung Telecommunications America’s Head Office and its 9 remote locations in 2012; and the platform itself has been deployed by over 50,000 enterprise customers worldwide.


Why SCM?

The SCM is an easy-to-use and reliable system that helps businesses transform the way they communicate. The combination of the SCM, Samsung IP Phones, Gateways, Switches, and its SAFE mobile devices provides the most complete, optimized, secure and seamless communications solution for enterprises. With Samsung’s complete communications product line, your business will enjoy the most innovative solutions that bring maximum value, performance and award-winning design



Pure-IP Platform
Easy-to-manage solution
Simple licensing process
Single server simplicity
Single database
Built-in applications
Open architecture
Mobility Solutions
Efficient, compact design
Single Source Manufacturer- more than 20 years in the industry.

What applications are included with the SCM?

The SCM comes equipped with built-in applications that enable you to drive efficiency and productivity without having to pay for extra software. The SCM also supports over 300 SIP protocol features and CSTA Link, making third party app integration easier.



Automatic Call Distribution (ACD LITE): useful when there are more calls than people available to answer.

Queuing and Routing Control

• Maximum Queuing Count

• Agent Status and Real-Time Monitoring


Predefined and Progressive Conference

• Meet-Me Conference and Conference Control

• Add-On Conference


Voice Mail/Auto Attendant (VM/AA): provides voice mail, automated attendant, access manager, e-mail server interface and Outlook integration.



 Samsung Communicator

A unified communications client software that empowers users to communicate via Voice and Video as well as share information to/from anywhere in the world as authorized by the organization.



The SCM can interface with external SIP Conference Server, SIP VMS, SIP UMS, SIP IVR (AA Server), and Legacy (PTSTN) VMS.


Can the SCM provide call traffic reports?

Yes. The SCM comes with a reporting functionality that provides statistical information for calls generated in the system by hours, dates and months, i.e.: internal calls, outbound-inbound calls, tandem calls, call failures, failure reason calls and all calls. The system also provides system and call performance reports and as well as ACD lite reports.


 System capacity and specs: