Cloud TMS

Put your business online on a secure and reliable platform.

  • Realtime TMS reporting
  • Realtime Costing
  • Realtime performance statistics
  • Realtime management


The Cloud Management System offers a cost effective means of monitoring and controlling your Telecommunications spend, utilizing the same platform to monitor PABX as well as Android and Blackberry Mobile devices. The system does not depend on propriety based hardware to transfer the call data from the PABX to the central server for processing, using off the shelf products for this purpose, an example being the SS Telecoms range of Buffers.

For the small to medium PABX'S the buffer of choice is the SS-77 which can connect to either RS232 or TCP/IP SMDR outputs. The buffer has a storage capacity of 2 megabyte. GPRS buffers are also available. For the bigger PABX'S we use the SS-75 NG which has 2 megabyte storage upgradable to 2 GIG by inserting a 2 GIG SD Card. The buffer can be set up as a FTP server or FTP Client for PABX'S that require SMDR output via FTP. We also offer a “Soft Buffer” option which can be used to monitor multiple PABX’s. This is an ideal solution if the PABX's are on a VPN

PABX and Mobile call data gets compressed and uploaded to the server in small data packets every few minutes which does not impact on the clients network performance


  • Service is hosted at a local data center
  • Supports all types of PABX'S
  • Logs Android and Blackberry mobile devices*
  • View live call data from anywhere using a Web Browser
  • Automatic cost table and feature updates
  • Over 50 reports to choose from
  • Company summary reports across all sites to manage expenses for he group
  • Daily usage - snapshot of month to date usage. Can be used to highlight irregular traffic patterns and unused lines.
  • Service provider summary report. Highlights overflow routing over all sites
  • Erlang traffic report. Can be used to optimize PABX routing and line port capacity
  • Reports may be previewed, printed, exported or scheduled
  • Automatic scheduled reports via email, at no additional charge
  • Report Export format in PDF or Excel
  • No contracts
  • Low setup fee
  • * Requires a Mobile Toolbox subscription.


Mobile device events captured by Mobile Toolbox can be processed on our platform. The following events are available

  • Call Logging Incoming calls
  • Call Logging Outgoing calls
  • SMS Received
  • SMS Sent
  • Network Data received
  • Network Data sent 
  • Location Logging 
  • GSM Radio Signal Strength (RSSI) 
  • Cell Tower ID 
  • Location Area Code


The following three mobile specific reports are available:

  •  Call Detailed Report
  •  Sms Detailed Report
  •  Data Detailed Report
  •  Converged PBX and Mobile Devices

Additional reports will be released shortly


Budgets can be set at the following levels within the Company:

  • Company
  • Sites
  • Divisions
  • Departments
  • Extensions
  • Account Codes
  • Line-Trunks
  • Pin Codes

Email alert notifications are available for the following:

  • Budget status
  • Line non usage. Lines/Trunks that are not used within a pre-defined periodCall threshold by Cost. Calls that exceed a pre-defined cost
  • Call threshold by duration. Calls that exceed a pre-defined duration
  • No Imports from buffer


Scheduled reports will be emailed at selected intervals to individual email addresses or groups in Excel or PDF format. Previewed reports may be printed via your Internet Browser or exported in PDF, Excel, Word or Rich Text formats. Flexible selection criteria is available for all reports.

Why Cloud TMS

  • Ease of upgrade from current Desktop to Hosted Solution.
  • No Proprietary hardware required.
  • Low Cost Setup fee.
  • Limited intervention required, scheduled reporting facility available.
  • Multiple site info available from any PC/laptop with Internet Access.
  • Info can be imported in excel format, no need for manual updates.
  • Low monthly cost for full managed solution of landline.
  • VOIP & Mobile devices calls.
  • Not restricted to certain PABX'S.
  • Reports available in various formats.
  • No additional costs for Telco rate upgrades.

Why Cloud TMS vs opposing products

  • Ease of upgrade from current Desktop to Hosted Solution
  • No Proprietry hardware required
  • No Annual License fees
  • Low Cost Setup fee
  • Very limited human intervention require, scheduled reporting facility available
  • Multiple site info available from any PC/laptop with Internet Access
  • Info can be imported in excel format, no need to manually update info
  • Low monthly cost for full managed solution of landline, VOIP & Mobile devices calls
  • Not restricted to certain PABX'S
  • Reports available in various formats.
  • No additional costs for Telco rate upgrades

Soft Buffer Features

  • Connects simultaneously to multiple PABX`S or IP Buffers using TCP/IP
  • Supports Client and Server connections
  • Individual Network Connection status display per PABX
  • Import Counter displays number of records downloaded from the PABX
  • Export counter displays number of records uploaded to the Web Tms Server
  • Date and Time display of the last record downloaded from the PABX
  • Select a PABX to view live data in real time
  • Select a PABX to Ping
  • Select a PABX to test its Upload function to the Web TMS server
  • Activity Log display for all sites
  • Individual PABX`S may be disabled
  • Raw PABX SMDR data archived on the PC
  • Runs as a service
  • Upgrade from desktop mode to hosted mode using the same software at no cost. Note: The PC where the software will be installed on requires Internet connection


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