• OfficeServ ACD Call Centre
    OfficeServ ACD Call Centre

    Samsung OfficeServ ACD Call Centre is specifically tailored for mid sized organisations or corporate departments requiring a sophisticated customer interaction management solution for 10 to 100 agents. It offers powerful and flexible call handling options previously only available on larger and more expensive systems and is designed to boost customer service levels, lower call abandonment rates and increase staff productivity and accountability.

  • OfficeServ Link
    OfficeServ Link

    The OfficeServ Link application is a software application that links the Samsung telephone system to a Windows based computer.

    OfficeServ Link is an application gateway that provides the interface between other software applications (both Samsung and third party) and the Samsung OfficeServ range of systems.

  • OfficeServ Easyset
    OfficeServ Easyset

    OfficeServ Easyset is a user-friendly, web-based application that allows you to configure an OfficeServ handset to your preferred setting at the click of a mouse. With OfficeServ Easyset, users can customise their individual extension without the need for extensive training or reference to the system manager.

  • OfficeServ Call
    OfficeServ Call

    OfficeServ Call is an advanced call management application that gives users simple access to the features and functionality of their Samsung OfficeServ handset directly from their PC desktop. Integration with Microsoft Outlook enables calls to be dialed direct from the contacts folder and details of incoming callers to be automatically presented. This allows individuals or multiple users to take greater control of their call activity with the click of a mouse.