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About Samsung

samsung nicolA major leader in the manufacture and supply of innovative electronics solutions, Samsung is one of the world’s largest companies with a more than 170,000 employees and a global turnover exceeding $100 billion.


With its annual Research and Development budget of over $2 billion and 63,000 staff committed to the development of fixed and wireless communications, Samsung is perfectly placed to exploit the convergence of telephony and IT services, and to provide organisations with cutting-edge communications solutions including Voice over IP (VoIP) and Wireless Area Network (WAN) Integration.

Samsung realize the importance of a professional and robust communications platform for businesses. Since 80% of business is conducted telephonically and the telephone overhead in most businesses is the second largest overhead to consider, Samsung addresses the need for cost savings and efficiency and offer the finest solutions.

Samsung’s core strategy continues to be to maintain leadership in the digital
convergence revolution with the aim to bring innovation and digital technology to products in ways that make life easier, richer, and more enjoyable.

Samsung’s strength continues to be in the quality and reliability of its products and products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they’re of the highest standards. All Samsung PABX products are ISO 9000 approved and within the South Africa market, ICASA approved.

Samsung PABX products are sold worldwide in every major country, meeting the needs of customers worldwide. With a comprehensive dealer network of 100 communication centres throughout South Africa and a combined staff compliment of over 1,200 people, Samsung is able to provide comprehensive support services throughout the country.

About MIA Telecoms

MIA Telecommunications was established to provide the most professional communication systems, allowing companies to function as a unified organism, with each part efficiently contributing to the whole.


In 1997, MIA Telecommunications became the sole authorized distributors of Samsung telecommunications and PABX equipment for Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, including South Africa. MIA currently are the sole official Distributors on many products that installers utilise for installations such as:

  • Sole Distributors for Samsung PABX for sub Saharan Africa with 57,000 installed clients in the RSA.
  • Sole importer for Gigaset B2B cordless phones
  • Master Distributor of Gigaset and Kingtel telephone instruments.
  • Master Distributors with LAMBDA/CBI
  • Master Distributor for Clearline

MIA caters for large companies as well as small-to medium-sized enterprises, allowing them to capitalize on the benefits of IP technology. Offering customers tremendous Intellectual Property, MIA ensures that the customer’s environment is efficient and professional.

The MIA management team and head office staff compliment of 98 employees has over 20 years of Telecommunications and IT in the South African marketplace. The company follows the strictest corporate governance procedures and offers customers peace of mind with its ethical approach and commitment to adding value every step of the way. This is one of the reasons that MIA has developed one of the strongest partner communication channels in the South African market, with over 90% of dealers celebrating their 10th year of business with MIA. More and more companies are choosing a Samsung PABX solution and the MIA Telecoms National market share is 20.5% as per the BMI T Report.

We are proud partners to these and many other major companies:


MIA Group of Companies

organogramMIA Telecoms has a national network of 100 system integrators/dealers. These dealers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the IP PBX and networking systems in the market place according to our stringent inter dealer agreement.


This agreement allows for standardized costings, standardized quality and standardized response times to our clients. As material used in installations are ISO 9000 approved, Telkom approved, we can guarantee the quality of material used and certification on our installations. Some of our major vendors are Clear line (MIA is the largest distributor in RSA), CBI (Cable distributor, MIA is one of the 3 primary cable distributors in RSA), Krone, Iserv patch panels and cabinets.

Due to being direct distributors we are able to offer turnkey structured cabling solutions at competitive pricing. MIA Telecoms has stringent quality control and as a result we are one of the few vendors that offer an extended 3 and 5 year onsite warranty with our installations.

MIA has nationwide franchise network of authorized Samsung communication centers whom have extensive experience in telephone and data cabling. Due to our geographical footprint, we are representative in all major towns and cities across South Africa, including Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Nigeria, Kenya, and Mauritius, Zimbabwe. We have recently expanded into Angola, Tanzania and Mozambique.

All communication centres are certified as follows:

  • Telephone cabling
  • Data cabling
  • IP PBX
  • Networking/Switches
  • Clear line

We have over 1000 qualified technical personal on the ground in South Africa. This gives us one of the largest technical footprints within South Africa, guaranteeing our corporate client’s nationwide service at all times. All equipment supplied for corporate clients is

certified an original product from the manufacturer and carries a minimum 12 month warranty. No imitation lightening protection, Kroneblocks is allowed as this affects the quality and integrity of the solution.

Due to being a direct importer and master Distributor we are able to leverage off this pricing and offer extremely competitive pricing, whilst maintaining a high quality standard on material used and quality of installation.

MIA Telecoms offers comprehensive consulting, project management, maintenance, co-sourcing, installation, network audit, network monitoring, web design and standby services.

The Samsung product range is a modular range that can start small and grow with your company. We can therefore build solutions that match the customers’ exact needs and we can add extra capabilities as you require them later on. The Samsung product range consists of 9 models; however, it offers customers with significant investment protection as common handsets are used across all PABX models. The PABX line up is as follows:

  • Office Serv 7030 (10 Port IP PBX solution)
  • Office Serv 7070 (50 port IP PBX solution)
  • Office Serv 7100 (80 port converged IP PBX solution)
  • Office Serv 7200 (300 Port converged IP PBX solution)
  • Office Serv 7400 (500 Port converged IP PBX solution)
  • SCM express (0 to 30,000 port PBX Solution)

The Samsung PABX range boasts a truly converged hardware IP PBX solution combined with an experienced and reliable dealer channel, this places us in a unique position to offer corporates and increased value offering.

We are able to offer a Samsung end to end solution such as:

  • Samsung IP PBX
  • Samsung Switches
  • Samsung IP Phones
  • Samsung Digital Phones
  • Samsung Application solutions
  • Iserv IP DECT, Iserv Patch Pannels, Iserv Cabinets, Iserv SLT’s
  • Samsung Office Automation range
  • This single source vendor solution allows increased revenue savings with nationwide support.

Crankshaw Networking

Crankshaw Networking was established in 1994 in order to service the growing demand for professional data reticulation installations.
We have 16 years experience in the industry which, together with our longstanding suppliers, puts us in a strong position to work closely with our clients and see to their everyday requirements.

The services we provide are:

• Installation and repair of UTP Cat 5e, 6, 6a, and 7
• Installation and repair of Fibre Optic cabling
• Maintenance of Server rooms and wiring closets

• Installation and repair of Cat 3 multi pair cabling
• Supply and installation of VoIP Telephony equipment

• Network switches including 3Com, HP, Cisco, Netgear.
• Keyboard Video and Mouse switches

• Floor standing and wall mounted Cabinet

Audio Visual
• Supply and installation of Projectors, projector screens and Brackets

Server Room
• Access flooring
• Environmental Monitoring

The five commitments we make to you are:

• We will give you feedback on the health of your network by using our 30 point checklist.
• We will use only the latest technology, as required by our Krone, Molex and Gigacore certification.
• We will undertake our work in accordance with European EN50173:2007 standards.
• We will give you a quote within 48 hours.
• We will respond within 24 hours to repair or make good any defects in our workmanship.

"I have used the services of Crankshaw Networking for the past 14 years. They are our primary network installer and we are extremely pleased with their services."  Trevor Christopher Technical Director at Micro Dimension CC

We are Krone Certified.

Structured Cabling

A structured cabling system (SCS) is a set of cabling and connectivity products that integrates the voice, data, video, and various management systems of a building (such as safety alarms, security access, energy systems, etc.)

An SCS consists of an open architecture, standardized media and layout, standard connection interfaces, adherence to national and international standards, and total system design and installation.
Other than the structured cabling system, voice, data, video, and building management systems (BMS) have nothing in common except similar transmission characteristics (analog or digital data signals) and delivery methods (conduit, cable tray, raceway, etc.) that
support and protect the cabling investment.

Providing an internationally standardized SCS and consolidating cable-delivery methods for all the systems can reduce initial construction costs for the cabling infrastructure of a modern intelligent building by up to 30 percent.

This also gives the structure an inherent ability to respond quickly and cost-effectively to the changing needs of tenants, which impacts the cost to occupy the space.

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